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  1. Kurt says:

    Thanks for the info! I just took one of these away from a friend who is 83, suffering from dementia, audio and visual hallucinations and occasional paranoia, and all this without the help of any of the good drugs.
    The specimen is in like new condition and works fine. It doesn’t seem to have any of the catastrophic failures / problems that I have read about. (I’m an experienced gun owner). Too bad it started out life with a pedigree like that. I’m thinking that the RG24 is at least slightly better than the lower (smaller) model #s. As you said, it has a purpose, if only as a pristine example of the worst gun(s) ever made. Even the holster is in great shape! At first, I thought it looked very much like a toy!! I’m just glad my friend and his wonderful Hospice workers are now safe from the threat of armed violence and mayhem.

  2. steve says:

    I have one rg24 with black grips it was made in the i960s bought it new in Los Angeles still shots well. kept in like-new condition.

  3. Bob Daly says:

    Can you tell when it was made.I have one that was never fired.

  4. Paper Target says:

    The company is German but this handgun was probably made in the United States. There is more information on the company here on wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R%C3%B6hm_Gesellschaft

  5. Paper Target says:

    That is great! I’d like to check out a picture of that.

  6. Daniel Wilson says:

    Many thanks to Paper Target for sharing his impressive knowledge about the Rohm RG24. I knew nothing about this particular pistol, but your text and photos are quite informative. I have one but the way It came into my possession is very unusual

    I actually found it laying in the dirt under the slightly elevated front porch of my house. About 20 years ago I noticed my dog was under the porch digging around like they typically do. I bent down to see what was so interesting and noticed a clump of dirt that had the shape of a handgun. After knocking off some of the dirt I was surprised to see a heavily corroded pistol. It had obviously been in the ground for years because the dirt was solidly impacted. I soaked it in penetrating oil and wrapped it in plastic with hopes of at least being able to identify the make. I put it out of the way in my shop and forgot about it.

    Fast forward some 20 years to three nights ago when I was cleaning out some old Mustang parts and found it again. The oil had loosened up the crusty dirt enough to get down to the heavily pitted metal. All identifying marks were long gone except for the plastic handle which was amazingly still intact. On one side was the Rohm logo and on the other it has the RG24 symbol. After a few squirts of fresh penetrating oil the whole mechanism freed up and is operable once again. Of course it’s too far gone to even consider attempting to fire it and with all the negativity about its safety in general, I would be hesitant to try a brand new one.

    I don’t have a clue how long it has been in the ground. My house was built in 1984 and it had to be there prior to that. It could have been accidentally lost or ditched in the heavily wooded area that was there before my house was built. Without a serial number I guess it will remain a mystery. Thanks again for the accurate information. Now I at least know the make and model.

  7. Paper Target says:

    Hello, thank you so much for the feedback and incredibly cool story! I really enjoyed reading this. The mechanism still being functional after all those years buried is amazing.

  8. Brendan says:

    I have a rohm rg24 that has been passed down for generations. My great grandpa bought it as a cheap carry pistol for traveling. It was then given to my grandfather who carried it in his motor home, after he passed it was given to my father who also carried it in his motor home. I now own it and in spite of its bad reputation I have shot hundreds of rounds through it. I will say it lacks in accuracy but as far as a close range defense pistol it still works just fine.

  9. Paper Target says:

    It’s excellent that you have something passed from generation to generation. Thank you for sharing!

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